Non-Faculty Hiring Authorization Process

Update for FY18:  Effective September 2017, the Authorization to Fill form will no longer be required as documentation for submitting a staff posting to Recruitment and Workforce Planning.  The required approvals for filling staff vacancies will be the responsibility of each division or college.  The form may continue to be used as applicable within a division or college to document authorization to fill, but it no longer needs to be provided to HROE in order to post a staff vacancy.  Monthly centralized reporting of approvals is discontinued.  Check with your department or division/college leadership for further information about hiring authorization that may be required for your office.

Optional Form: Authorization to Fill Request - Use either of the following:

  1. PDF Paper Form - Complete and print the form then submit it for the approval process to post or fill vacancies.
  2. Electronic DocuSign Form - Complete the requested information, upon completion the electronic form will be routed to the originator for use in posting a position. This form directs the originator to input the department head/manager email and the VP or delegated authority email.  This does not allow the form to be routed to anyone else for review or signature.  If your internal process requires other reviewers/signatures for approval, you should use the paper form or amend your internal process to include printing the approved form and sending to other reviewers.  The electronic signature application used for this form is Docusign and there is a 20 minute time-out to complete the information once the form is initiated. 

Questions: Please contact Recruitment and Workforce Planning at 979-845-5154 or  if you have any questions about the forms or which one to use that meets the requirements of your internal processes.