Temporary/Casual Position Guidelines

Definitions and Background

Temporary/Casual positions (formerly known as “wage positions) are defined under System Regulation 33.99.01: Employment Practices: a temporary position funded from a lump-sum budget category. Such a position will fit within one of two categories: (1) a student position which requires student status as a condition of employment; or (2) a temporary position created to accommodate short-term labor needs, such as work of an intermittent nature or having a brief, fixed duration. This document pertains to the second category of wage employment described above, and therefore does not apply to employment in titles that require student status, such as student worker or graduate assistant titles.

Posting Vacant Temporary/Casual Positions

  1. To meet the posting requirement for non-faculty temporary/casual positions, departments must submit a Job Requisition through the Workday online system.
  2. The Job Requisition must stay open for a minimum of five calendar days.
  3. The department must contact Recruitment and Workforce Planning to close the Job Requisition (stop the flow of new applicants). Please contact Recruitment and Workforce Planning at (979) 845-5154 or jobs@tamu.edu.

Special Note for student status positions and placement in wage positions

If certain criteria are met, workers in a student status (graduate or undergraduate) may be placed in a temporary/casual position without posting. Each component must be met:

  • The student employee can no longer be employed in a student title due to graduation or other circumstances that prevent a student title from continuing to be used, and
  • The employing department has a business need to continue the former student's employment in the same capacity without a break in service, and
  • The employment is in a temporary/casual position not to exceed duration of 4.5 months, usually within the same fiscal year.

A Change Job must be processed in the Workday online system. Use Data Change – Position Title Change for the reason for this request. The Job Profile will need to be updated to Program Aide, and the Worker Sub-Type will need to change to Temporary/Casual. Workday will require that the department indicate an end date on which the temporary employment will close. In these instances, a Criminal Background Check is not required.

Determining Title & Pay

  1. The title used for the temporary/casual position depends on the type of position needed.
  2. When the position has the same duties of an existing title in the System-Wide Pay Plan, the department should use that existing title, qualifications, duties, and a salary range within the lower band (or commensurate) to advertise the vacancy. Use of a specific appropriate title will assure that consistent minimum education and experience requirements are used to screen applicants and the appropriate pay rate is used.
  3. The title Program Aide (title code U7493) may be used if the minimum education and experience requirements and the duties do not fit with an existing title. When job descriptions do not exist for such vacancies, the review process after submittal will include a review by Compensation and Classification. It is advisable to speak with a Compensation and Compensation representative before submittal for posting if you have any questions or concerns about the posting duties, qualifications, salaries, etc.
  4. If the title used for the temporary/casual position is typically exempt (salaried) when full-time, but will not meet the minimum salary requirements for exemption from overtime, a title that is nonexempt (hourly) and accommodates an hourly rate must be used.
  5. For assistance with choosing a title for a commonly-used temporary/casual position in your department or other questions about title and pay options for temporary/casual positions, please contact Compensation and Compensation at (979) 845-4170 or hrcomp@tamu.edu.

Completing the Hire

  1. The department must be able to demonstrate that a non-discriminatory process was followed in the hiring of temporary/casual positions.
  2. Every offer of employment for a temporary/casual position should be conditioned on verification by the hiring supervisor or appropriate person of any relevant job-related credentials.
  3. The department must change statuses in Workday for those applicants that are interviewed as well as those offered the position.
  4. A Criminal Background Check is required for all new hires. If hiring through a job requisition, the background check will be handled via the normal recruiting process. No form is required.
  5. When using the recruiting process to hire an employee into a temporary/casual position, the recruiting process itself will either generate the Change Job (if employee is being internally hired into a new position) or the Add Job (if employee is being put into a Dual Employment scenario) process. There is no need for the department to initiate these processes.