HR Liaison Training

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This curriculum was developed and reviewed with the assistance of the HR Liaison Advisory Resource Group to prepare all HR Liaisons and Coordinators for their role and benefit the departments they serve by providing a well-rounded general overview of HR processes and functions. Newly designated HR Liaisons and Coordinators will be assigned an initial online training, HR Liaison Basics. Upon completion of the course, additional training assignments will be made and access to the requested Single Sign-On applications will be granted.



The complete curriculum totals 38 workshop hours of training on applicable laws, rules, regulations and procedures for human resource and payroll-related functions. All HR Liaisons and Coordinators will be required to complete seven (7) foundational courses covering topics such as employee relations, employee assistance, performance development, online applications and resources and a general program overview.

HR Liaison Coordinators complete all 38 workshop hours while HR Liaisons complete only the functional courses based on their designated roles for their department. Functional training courses cover four topics: payroll, leave and accrual, online applications, and hiring/employment process.

Assignments, Course Schedule and Registration:

Assignments are made with a nine month due date and can be accessed in TrainTraq available through Single Sign-On. To view the current course schedule and register, visit Employee & Organizational Development.

Completions and Extensions

HR Liaisons timely completing their designated training are recognized upon completion with a framed Certificate of Completion at an HR Liaison Network Meeting.

HR Liaisons that do not complete the training within nine months will be placed in a temporary suspension status blocking user access to assigned online systems and removal from the HR Liaison Network. To avoid the suspended status, the department head may submit a one-time-only written request to the HR Liaison Administrator for a six-month training extension. Justification, why the HR liaison could not meet the original training deadline and needs the extended timeframe, should be included in the request.

If the HR liaison has already been placed in the suspended status, the HR liaison may be granted a one-time reinstatement for the ADLOC(s) that the department head designates with a new HR Liaison Designation Form.

Continuing Education

To remain active in the HR Liaison Network, HR Liaisons should maintain regular attendance at HR Liaison Network Meetings and complete at least one course each fiscal year offered through the Employee & Organizational Development Course Schedule under the Employment Law category and/or courses within the HR Liaison training curriculum brochure.

The following online courses are also eligible for the continuing education credit:

Training Questions

Contact the Liaison Administrator at or Professional Development at