Join the HR Liaison Network

To become a designated HR Liaison and gain membership to the HR Liaison Network, follow the steps as outlined below:

Step 1: Complete and submit the HR Liaison Designation Statement of Responsibility Form.
  • This form is used by departments and initiated by the department head to designate, change or remove the HR Liaison designation and give access to Workday roles and SSO applications.
Step 2: Complete required HR Liaison Foundational and Functional courses.
Step 3: Read and understand the duties and requirements of an HR Liaison.
  • Requirements include having an accurate designation form on file, completing required training, attending at least two HR Liaison Network Meetings during the fiscal year and completing at least one continuing education course per year.
  • Standard Administrative Procedure 31.99.99.M0.03: The purpose of the SAP is to assist Texas A&M University departments with compliance and procedures with regards to the management of human resources administration through the formal designation of HR Liaisons.
  • Description: The defined role of the HR Liaison including recommended language to include in the position description.
  • Typical Duties: List of typical duties HR Liaisons facilitate.