Recruiting Business Processes

Workday - Recruiting Business Processes




1. Create Job Requisition:

  • To communicate information to Recruitment, such as salary information, applicant information to include in Job Requisition and Supplemental Questions – please use the Additional Job Description field directly below the Job Description
  • Goes to Recruiting Partner for approval
  • Goes to Department Head for approval
  • Goes to Executive Approver for approval
  • Goes to Recruiting Partner to post

HR Liaison – Preferred

Hiring Manager





Job Requisition is posted by Recruiting Partner according to instructions





2. Applicants apply:

  • Internal applicants must use internal application process
  • External use the external career site

Internal and External Applicants


Applicants feed to status Initial Review


3. Initial Review:

  • Check for duplicates/internal applicants
  • Review materials for each applicant for minimum education/experience


Recruiting Coordinator – Preferred

Recruiting Partner


Move Forward to Screen


4. Screen:

  • Manager can use the grid to review information for all candidates but any movement of candidate to move forward or decline must be done from task in inbox

Hiring Manager – Preferred



Move Forward to Interview


5. Interview:

  • Set Interview Team (can be skipped)
  • Interview team completes online evaluation of interview (this is not interview questions/documentation)
  • Check for duplicates task for Recruiting Partner
  •  Manager makes Interview decision




Hiring Manager – Preferred

Recruiting Coordinator






Move Forward to Offer

Moving Forward to Reference status is optional for use in Workday.

References will be completed and documented outside of Workday

6. References: Step Optional

  • Reference Questionnaire (does not replace Reference form/documentation)
  • As long as references are completed and documented, this status can be skipped in Workday
  • Check for duplicates completed by Recruiting Partner

Hiring Manager – Preferred

Recruiting Coordinator


Move Forward to Offer


7. Offer:

  • Create Offer
  • Step for member approval – can be submitted for TAMU, no additional approval needed
  • Recruiting Partner approval
  • Generate Offer Letter – PDF file can be edited/reviewed at this step
  •  Submit offer to candidate
  • Did Candidate accept Offer

Hiring Manager – Preferred

Recruiting Coordinator




If Offer is Accepted, Move Forward to Background Check
If Offer is Declined, Decline


8. Background Check:

  • No action required by Hiring manager or HR Liaison in Workday
  • Background clearance email will be forwarded by Recruiting Partner

Recruiting Partner ONLY




Ready for Hire




9. Tasks outside of Workday:

  • Degree Verification form forwarded to candidate, completed/signed form submitted to secure server for processing
  • Hiring process documents uploaded to secure document server.  Hiring process documents include:  matrix, interview documentation, reference documentation, selective service form

Using Secure Document Server, Go HERE.

  • Follow the directions on the form at the website
  • The clearance emails for criminal background checks and degree verifications are not required in the uploaded documents

Recruiting Coordinator – Preferred

Hiring Manager








Processed, filed and reviewed by Recruiting Partner








10.  Ready for Hire:

  • Recruiting Partner reviews documentation, verifies degree on file and completes first compliance checklist
  • Candidate receives tasks to complete:  Internal will receive two to-do tasks to complete and submit in Workday inbox; External will receive two tasks to complete and submit in external career site inbox
  • Recruiting Partner completes second checklist and submits as Ready for Hire task

Recruiting Partner ONLY






Revise Hire
Revise Job Change
Revise Add Additional Job



Revise Hire

Revise Job Change

Revise Add Additional Job


Hiring Manager - Preferred




Add Additional Job


12. Onboarding Process





Various tasks will generate to employee and others for the Hire

Transfer/Add Additional Job may have some onboarding tasks


 Recruitment & Workforce Planning Contact Information

Email:  |  Phone: (979) 845-5154  |  Fax: (979) 847-8877
Location:  General Services Complex (Map), 750 Agronomy Road, Suite 1201
                 College Station, TX 77843-1255
Campus Mail Stop: 1255
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday
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