Performance Review Process

NOTICE: Due to the disruptions caused by COVID-19, the Performance Review Period has been extended one month (end June 30th versus May 31st).  Performance reviews are fully automated using Workday and performance discussions can be done remotely using technology such as Zoom.  

NEWS:  Employment-Related Information Concerning the Coronavirus

Performance Review Began April 1

  • The Performance Review process launchs on April 1 for non-faculty (staff) employees at Texas A&M and Health Science Center for the Performance Review Period April 1 through June 30
  • Please check your Workday Inbox for items to complete.
  • June 30 is the deadline for completing performance reviews. 
  • The Timeline below shows suggested milestones for completing each part of the process.

View the Performance Management Overview




Performance Evaluation Process Timeline

Performance Evaluation Process Guidelines