Performance Management

Performance Management for Non-Faculty Staff Members

NOTICE: Due to the disruptions caused by COVID-19, the Performance Review Period has been extended one month (end June 30th versus May 31st).  Performance reviews are fully automated using Workday and performance discussions can be done remotely using technology such as Zoom.  

NEWS:  Employment-Related Information Concerning the Coronavirus

The Performance Management Process the ongoing process by which a manager clarifies employee performance expectations, provides feedback and coaching, completes the annual performance review, and recognizes performance as merited. 

The Performance Review Period (April 1 through March 30) is the 12-month period of time for which employee performance is evaluated.  All non-faculty employees should have a performance review if employed at any time through the Performance Review Period.

The Performance Review Delivery Period is the delivery period for a manager to discuss and document performance feedback with his/her employee.  Texas A&M has set the annual standard review delivery period as April 1 and extended through June 30.

Workday is an online secure cloud-based portal used by Texas A&M System members to manage Human Resource (HR) related processes such as Performance Review.

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  1. …add goals to my self-evaluation
  2. …add goals for my employee
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  7. …get a Performance Feedback Form template
  8. …understand the Competencies and Ratings on the performance reviews
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