Recruitment FAQs

Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Workday Recruiting Business Process?
Workday is our tool to recruit applicants and fill positions. You can find the entire process on our website. It is important to familiarize yourself with all the steps (from creating the job requisition to onboarding the selected applicant), and with the security roles authorized to move applicants from one step to another to avoid delays throughout the search process. Only Hiring Managers, Recruiting Coordinators, and Recruiting Partners have access to the different steps associated with recruitment processes. If you have questions, email HROE Recruitment. For urgent matters call 979-845-5154.
Where in the Process is?
If you are looking for an Employee:
  1. Enter name of the person in the Global Search Bar (top left corner of the screen)
  2. Right click on the Employee’s name to See in New Tab (SINT) the Employee’s Profile.
  3. Click Actions capsule under Employee’s name
  4. Scroll down until you see Worker History → View Worker History by Category.
If you are looking for a candidate in a Recruiting Process:
  1. Enter name of the person in the Global Search Bar
  2. Right click on twinkie next to candidate name to SINT.
  3. Click the Actions capsule → Business Process → Business Process Event History.
  4. Select the appropriate job application you wish to view. Click OK.
  5. Click Process tab.
  6. Scroll to see Process History and Awaiting Action Items.
  7. Click Remaining Processes button for what’s next.
What documents do I need to forward to HROE Recruitment for hiring processes?
Departments are responsible for forwarding the following records to HROE Recruitment:
  1. A numerical ranking system or Hiring Matrix, used to score and screen applicants at each stage if the hiring process. We have developed a Screening tool for your convenience.
  2. Interview questions. All interviewed applicants have to answer the same questions and their answers should be documented. See Interview Resources to see samples of Interview Questions.
  3. References must be obtained for the final applicant and the responses need to be well documented. For internal applicants, Departments are encouraged to check employee files and performance.
  4. All written communications with candidates, including scheduled interviews and any feedback provided during the search process.
  5. Proof of selective service registration if applicable.
  6. Foreign Degree verification if applicable.
How do I request Degree Verifications?
  1. Fill out the Degree and/or Licensure Release Form
  2. The applicant completes the applicant section, including the signature.
  3. Upload the completed, signed form to the secure server
What’s the Candidate Grid?

The Candidate Grid is the table that lists all the candidates that have applied to a position. You can access the Grid in Workday by choosing the Candidates tab in the Requisition page.

  1. Enter Requisition number in Global Search Bar
  2. Select the Requisition once the Search Results are available on your screen
  3. Click on the Candidates tab → IS THE CANDIDATE GRID
What’s the harm of moving candidates using the Candidate Grid?

You can use the Candidate Grid (the table that lists all the candidates that have applied to the position) only to do the Initial Review (identify whether candidates meet the minimum qualifications required for the position). Workday is designed to follow steps through actions sent to the Workday inbox. If you work directly from the Candidate Grid to advance candidates through the different recruitment steps, Workday might skips steps and important processes such as checking for duplicates are missed causing major delays in the hiring process.

How do I create a Job Requisition using Workday?
  1. On the Workday Home page, click on the Recruiting Dashboard worklet
  2. Under the Actions section (on the right side of your screen) select Create Job Requisition
  3. Here you have the option of copying details from an Existing Job Requisition
  4. Select Your Supervisory Organization (you can search by the name of the hiring manager or supervisor)
  5. Select Create New Position if this is for a new position. If you already have a position (either someone is leaving or you are filling a vacancy), select For Existing Position. Select the position that you are going to fill from the options.
  6. Select Worker Type
  7. Click OK
  8. In the next screens, you will have the opportunity to review:
    • Recruiting Details
    • Job Details
    • Qualifications
    • Organizations
    • Add Attachments
    • Compensation
    • Summary
Can the Recruitment Department assist in the screening and selection process?

We are not equipped to provide assistance to all departments, but we can help in special circumstances. Please contact HROE Recruitment at if you have questions or need help.

How do I request a background check for students?
  1. Fill out the Criminal Background Check Request Form
  2. Email the form to HROE Recruitment at
  3. HROE Recruitment will submit a request to Sterling, our background check vendor
  4. Each applicant will receive a system generated email invitation from Sterling. Note that the consent cannot be completed from a tablet or smartphone
  5. Once the background check completes clear, HROE Recruitment will send a clearance email with the date of clearance. If there is an issue, HROE will resolve the issue and notify the Security Contact of the results.
Can I request a background check for multiple students/workers at once?

Yes, if you have 10 or more background checks (non-camp) to process, email an Excel file including first name, last name, and email address, as well as the completed Background Check Request Form to HROE Recruitment at All background check requests for Camps must be submitted in Excel.