New Employee Onboarding Processes

The information below is designed to assist with the required processes and best practices for orienting a new employee at Texas A&M University. The onboarding actions are important to ensure a smooth start and timely receipt of the employee's first paycheck.

For more information, visit the New Employee Orientation Checklist for a helpful guide throughout the employee's onboarding with the department. Important processes such as payroll, benefits, required notices and training, time and leave information and identification and authorization are documented on the checklist.


  1. Complete the EPA Document Checklist
  2. Coordinate with existing department for transferring employees (Employee Payroll Actions, personnel and medical files)
  3. Create UIN and activate Single Sign On account through UIN Manager
  4. Provide Acknowledgement of Receipt of Required Information for New Employees
  5. Activate/Create a NetID to serve as the employee’s username. If needed immediately, the departmental HR Identity Agent can create a record in the NetID system or submit a NetID Request Form to the Identity Management Office.
  6. Request computer, email and network access (contact department's IT group)
  7. Provide employee access to the Benefits Guide
  8. Review iBenefits Tips including State Group Insurance Premium (SGIP) Eligibility Chart; create iBenefits record and provide instructions to the employee
  9. Ensure Selective Service registration and verification was completed online for male employee
  10. Review Returning Faculty and Staff Checklist for Programs Elective Deductions if employee is a rehire with a break in service
  11. Complete Employment Verification Request for Texas A&M transfers/rehires
  12. Complete Previous State Employment Verification for State-employed transfers/rehires

First Week and Beyond

  1. Register for the Benefits Orientation and New Employee Welcome (NEW) Orientation sessions or contact Employee & Organizational Development to reserve a seat for employees not already in TrainTraq; refer employee to for additional resources
  2. Request faculty/staff ID
  3. Request parking hangtag
  4. Request FAMIS/Canopy, Buy A&M (BAM), Imaging, Citibank Payment Card, and iPayment access, if applicable
  5. Request Howdy and Compass access, if applicable
  6. Remind supervisor to initiate a review of the position description (PD) in PATH (for non-faculty employees) and send to employee for review. The employee should review the PD and return to the supervisor in PATH for completion.
  7. Remind supervisor to meet with the employee to clarify expectations (behavioral competencies, performance goals and other work expectations) and to create a Performance Plan for the employee in PATH Performance Management module.
  8. Review training, development and committee opportunities
  9. Provide information on Flexible Work Schedules, if available in the department
  10. Review, if eligible, for 6 month Hiring Salary Adjustment