Progressive Discipline

Texas A&M University supports the use of progressive discipline, where appropriate, in managing employee performance. Progressive discipline may be used in accordance with:

  • System Regulation 32.02.02: Discipline and Dismissal of Nonfaculty Employees
  • Standard Administrative Procedure 32.02.02.M0.02: Discipline and Dismissal of Nonfaculty Employees

    This procedure describes the use of progressive discipline in resolving problems through corrective action. The University also recognizes that misconduct, violations of policies and procedures, and continued failure to correct performance problems may require disciplinary action. This procedure defines the delegation of authority to approve corrective and disciplinary action and dismissals for nonfaculty employees and describes procedures unique to Texas A&M University in the administration of the discipline and dismissal policy and regulation.


Personnel Corrective Action:
employment action not affecting pay or status; addressing inappropriate job related conduct or performance with employee and providing guidance on returning to acceptable standards. It is recommended that departments consult with Employee Relations when considering corrective action.
Personnel Disciplinary Action:
employment action affecting pay or status; addressing more serious incidents of inappropriate job-related conduct or performance or if corrective action does not achieve desired results. Employee Relations must review and consult with the System Office of General Counsel before disciplinary action may be taken.

Forms, Templates and Tools

Contact Employee Relations at or (979) 862-4027 to discuss potential job performance concerns.