Department Ideas for Staff Appreciation Week

Department Appreciation Day is Friday, March 3, 2017! This day of Staff Appreciation Week 2017 has been set aside for individual units to host special appreciation events within their respective offices. The theme of these unit-level events/activities is “Aggie Spirit.” President Young is encouraging 100 percent participation in unit-hosted events/activities and is adding an extra incentive to encourage participation. Two departments will be selected at random to receive a $750 grant to be used for future staff appreciation and/or professional development efforts in 2017. In addition to the grants, one staff member from each of the winning units will be invited to serve on the following year’s SAW planning committee.  So, how does your unit enter to win the grant contest? Units are invited to share photos of their department events to be entered into a random drawing. Read the full contest rules here.

Start planning your departmental function NOW! Remember to take photos and tag them with  #SAW2017 on social media and share them on the SAW Facebook Event page to enter the random drawing.

Suggestions for "Department Appreciation Day - Friday, March 3"

Use this list to spark some ideas about what your department can do for staff!

  1. Cater a breakfast/lunch
  2. Provide a snack bar available for employees to take a break and enjoy
  3. Host a pizza party on Friday
  4. Take staff out to lunch
  5. Give plants to each staff member
  6. Buy one gift for the whole office to use (single serving coffeemaker)
  7. Give small but thoughtful presents to each staff
  8. Provide hand-written thank you notes to each employee from their supervisor
  9. Host an office outing to the movies
  10. Have an ice cream social
  11. Host small events every day (cookie cake at staff meeting, homemade goodies, post-it note compliments, breakfast, pizza party)
  12. Give staff a break in the day to play games or socialize
  13. Have a dress-up day (hat day, crazy sock day, jeans day, Hawaiian shirt day)
  14. Provide office t-shirts/polo shirts  
  15. Give flower bouquets and or candy bouquets to staff
  16. Host an office dinner party at a nice restaurant
  17. Post signs of appreciation and thank you notes all around the office and employee desks from management and/or supervisors
  18. Provide a snack bar cart to be brought around the office to each employee
  19. Give free time at the end of the day (play games, eat snacks, giveaways)
  20. Host small raffles every day followed by a grand prize on Friday
  21. More...

Learn more about Staff Appreciation Week 2017 HERE.