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Services cover up to five, confidential short-term mental health counseling sessions per person per issue per year (the presenting issue can be re-assessed after one year from the initial date of service) at no cost to you.

Deer Oaks EAP uses a network of local mental health providers to deliver in-person or online assessment and counseling services. They have considerable expertise and clinical knowledge to identify problem areas and work toward resolutions.

They can assist with many different types of problems, including:

  • stress, depression and anxiety
  • workplace difficulties
  • marital problems, as well as family or parenting conflicts
  • illness and grief issues
  • substance abuse and unhealthy lifestyles


In addition to traditional counseling services, Deer Oaks offers clients a wider scope of and referrals for:

  • Childcare and eldercare resources with referrals
  • Assistance with financial and legal issues
  • Interactive online simple wills
  • Identity monitoring and recovery
  • Retiree assistance
  • Organizational training, skills development, and online webinars
  • Reimbursed taxi ride, if you are incapacitated due to impairment by a substance or extreme emotional condition (reimbursement available once per year) call (888) 993-7650
  • Work/life services such as pet sitters, event planners, home repair, tutoring and moving services
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