List of Non-Classified Titles

NOTICE:   On December 1, 2016, both the Classified Personnel Pay Plan and all Nonclassified Titles were replaced by the System-Wide Pay Plan, a standardized set of titles and pay grades used across the Texas A&M System. Please visit the System-Wide Pay Plan page to learn more.


The following titles are inactive as of 11/30/16, but will remain on this page temporarily for access to previous generic classification descriptions and historical reference to prior title codes.

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Explanation of Codes Appearing on the Non-classified Titles and Title Code Listing
Equal Employment Opportunity

(EEO) codes describe the assigned category of the title and are defined in the table below for Non-Faculty Titles:

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Job Categories for Non-Faculty Titles
CategoryDescription of DutiesExample Titles
Executive, Administrative & Managerial (1) Occupations in which employees set broad policies, exercise overall responsibility for execution of these policies, or direct individual departments or special phases of the agency’s operations, or provide specialized consultation on a regional, district or area basis. Vice President, Director, Assistant Director
Professional Non-Faculty (3) Occupations which require specialized and theoretical knowledge which is usually acquired through college training or through work experience and other training which provides comparable knowledge. Academic Advisor, Communications Coordinator, Financial Accountant
Secretary & Clerical (4) Occupations which involve non-managerial tasks providing administrative and support assistance, primarily in office settings. Office Associate, Business Assistant
Technical & Paraprofessional (5) Occupations which require a combination of basic scientific or technical knowledge and manual skill which can be obtained through specialized post-secondary school education or through equivalent on-the-job training, those in which workers perform some of the duties of a professional or technician in a supportive role, which usually require less formal training and/or experience normally required for professional or technical status. Environmental Safety Technician, Scientific Instrument Maker, Veterinary Technician
Skilled Craft (6) Occupations in which workers perform jobs which require special manual skill and a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the processes involved in the work which is acquired through on-the-job training and experience or through apprenticeship or other formal training programs. Building Access Technician, Utilities Line Technician
Service & Maintenance (7) Occupations in which workers perform duties which result in or contribute to the comfort, convenience, hygiene or safety of the general public or which contribute to the upkeep and care of buildings, facilities or grounds of public property. Workers in this group may operate machinery. Delivery Specialist,  Parking Services Officer, Police Officer
(Optional Retirement Program) – If there is a number code in this column, then that title is eligible for the Optional Retirement Program. The code relates to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Rule which determines the eligibility.
(Fair Labor Standards Act) codes relate to the exemption status of a title. An "N" code denotes a nonexempt title which is eligible for overtime. Exempt titles, which are typically not eligible for overtime, carry one of three exemption codes: "E" for Executive, "A" for Administrative, or "P" for Professional.
(Faculty) – If there is a number in this column, then that title is designated as a faculty or faculty equivalent position. If there is a “0” in this column the position is designated as graduate assistant position. If there is an “S” in this column the position is designated as student position.
Job Group
codes relate to utilization review groupings for our Affirmative Action Plan.
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