Internal Promotion & Transfer of Non-Faculty Employees

Texas A&M University System Regulations 33.99.01 Employment Practices and 33.99.04, Promotion, Transfer and Voluntary Moves, provide allowance for promotion or transfer of qualified internal candidates to fill positions without posting a notice of vacancy.

General Provisions

The promotion or transfer of qualified internal candidates is governed by Standard Administrative Procedure (SAP) 31.01.01.M7.03: Internal Promotions & Transfers of Non-Faculty Employees. General conditions of the SAP, among others, state that:

  • Vice presidents have the authority to approve an internal promotion or transfer of a budgeted employee to a vacant budgeted position within their division, in lieu of posting a notice of vacancy.
  • The Provost serves as the approver for academic units and others within the authority of the Provost that do not have a vice president. The President serves as the approver for units reporting directly to the President that do not have a vice president.
  • Any pay change being made in conjunction with a promotion or transfer cannot be made effective prior to the first day of the pay period in which the promotion or transfer request received final approval.
  • Standard Administrative Procedure 33.99.01.M0.01: Hiring of Non-Faculty Positions provides guidance for filling vacant positions through the hiring process and University Rule 31.01.01.M7: Employee Compensation Administration defines promotion and transfer and provides further guidance on pay administration.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Employee must be currently employed by Texas A&M University in a budgeted position.
  • Employee must have education and experience and other qualifications that meet or exceed the minimum required qualifications as documented on the position description.
  • Employee must have been employed in their present position for at least three months. An exception to the three month requirement may be approved by the President or designee.
  • Employee being proposed for promotion must also have a satisfactory record of performance.

Recordkeeping Requirements

Approval Procedure

  • Departments seeking approval to promote or transfer an employee to a vacant budgeted position will submit a request for approval through their appropriate administrative channels to Human Resources, Classification and Compensation form or PATH System.
  • Classification and Compensation will review the request, including proposed salary, as well as, perform applicable credential verification. Recruitment and Workforce Planning will perform the criminal background check.
  • Once the HR review is complete, Classification and Compensation will notify the department of the status of the request and forward to the appropriate vice president for final review and approval.
  • The HR review and indication of approval, as well as the final approval of the appropriate vice president, will serve as the supporting documentation for implementing the promotion or transfer in the payroll system.