Internal Promotion & Transfer of Non-Faculty Employees

Texas A&M University System Regulations 33.99.01 Employment Practices and 33.99.04, Promotion, Transfer and Voluntary Moves, provide allowance for promotion or transfer of qualified internal candidates to fill positions without posting a notice of vacancy.

General Provisions

The promotion or transfer of qualified internal candidates is governed by Standard Administrative Procedure (SAP) 31.01.01.M7.03: Internal Promotions & Transfers of Non-Faculty Employees. General conditions of the SAP, among others, state that:

  • Vice presidents have the authority to approve an internal promotion or transfer of a budgeted employee to a vacant budgeted position within their division, in lieu of posting a notice of vacancy.
  • The Provost serves as the approver for academic units and others within the authority of the Provost that do not have a vice president. The President serves as the approver for units reporting directly to the President that do not have a vice president.
  • Any pay change being made in conjunction with a promotion or transfer cannot be made effective prior to the first day of the pay period in which the promotion or transfer request received final approval.
  • Standard Administrative Procedure 33.99.01.M0.01: Hiring of Non-Faculty Positions provides guidance for filling vacant positions through the hiring process and University Rule 31.01.01.M7: Employee Compensation Administration defines promotion and transfer and provides further guidance on pay administration.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Employee must be currently employed by Texas A&M University in a budgeted position.
  • Employee must have education and experience and other qualifications that meet or exceed the minimum required qualifications as documented on the position description.
  • Employee must have been employed in their present position for at least three months. An exception to the three month requirement may be approved by the President or designee.
  • Employee being proposed for promotion must also have a satisfactory record of performance.

Recordkeeping Requirements

Approval Procedure

  • Departments seeking approval to promote or transfer an employee to a vacant budgeted position will submit the "Change Job" business process in Workday and copy and paste the materials from the Internal Promotion and Transfer Comment Template.
  • Classification and Compensation will review the request, including proposed salary, as well as, perform applicable credential verification. Recruitment and Workforce Planning will perform the criminal background check.
  • Once the HR review is complete and logged in Workday comments, Classification and Compensation will forward to the appropriate vice president for final review and approval in Workday.