System-wide Pay Plan & You

Staff Employees

The System-wide Pay Plan, effective December 1, 2016. includes title codes, title descriptions, standardized job descriptions (JDs) and assigned pay grades for all staff positions that are included in the Pay Plan. This includes most staff positions at Texas A&M University and all Texas A&M System Member institutions and agencies. Staff positions that are excluded from the Pay Plan include Board-appointed executive titles and senior management titles, coaches and others. All titles that are part of the Pay Plan as well as a list of excluded titles are posted online.

HR Liaisons and Supervisors of Staff

As frequent users of the PATH online system, HR Liaisons and supervisors of staff will need to be aware of the changes in how salaries are now awarded for titles under the System-wide Pay Plan.  All titles have a series of Pay Grades (very wide salary ranges), which have been broken into bands (smaller ranges), each requiring a different level of authority to use. HR Liaisons and Supervisors may post any and all System-wide Pay Plan titles using any salary that is within the Lower Band of a Pay Grade, as this only requires Department Head authority. If the Lower Band is insufficient, all System-wide Pay Plan titles allow the freedom to post as "Commensurate with experience," allowing a greater degree of salary flexibility than in the past. Generic job descriptions for titles will be released in the very near future to further assist with recruitment activities.

Faculty, Faculty-equivalent Research, Graduate Assistant, Student and Other Excluded Positions

Positions in these categories are excluded from the System-wide Pay Plan, and therefore will not have a standardized job description or assigned pay grade.