System-wide Pay Plan FAQ

System-wide Pay Plan Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I view the new titles and pay ranges online?
System-wide Pay Plan titles with associated title codes, pay grades, and FLSA exemption statuses may be viewed here.
2. How were the System-wide Pay Plan titles created?
The System-wide Pay Plan titles were created initially through the work of outside consultants and then updated and expanded upon through the collaborative efforts of multiple System HR Offices, the Pay Plan Administration committee, with final decisions being made by the Pay Plan Administrator at the System level for consistency.
3. Why are other titles (such as faculty and student) impacted when they are not part of the System-wide Pay Plan?
All title codes (four-digit number associated with a title description) were changed in order to move all System Members to a single, unified listing of titles for all employees. This unified title listing was necessary for reporting consistency and for the 2017 Workday implementation.
4. Will generic job descriptions be available online for the new titles?
Under the System-wide Pay Plan, every title will have a Job Description associated with it. The descriptions were initially developed by the consultants based on existing descriptions from all members, and are in the process of being reviewed, revised and transitioned to a format for sharing online. Some job descriptions are online already and can be found on our Titles & Salaries page. Work is ongoing, but due to the volume of titles and descriptions, there is not a target date for when these will all be available.
5. What is the process for requesting title and pay changes?
The System-wide Pay Plan has pay structures impacting more titles than we have been accustomed to in the past. In many cases, departments have a great deal of flexibility for approval of pay rates when hiring. Managers also have more guidance for titles that didn’t previously have a pay structure. Current University Rules and Standard Administrative Procedures (SAPs), including delegation of authority guidance related to staff pay changes, are in the process of being reviewed for changes and will be available on our website when finalized.