Review a Position Description

General Position Management

  • When you log in to PATH, it will automatically open in the Applicant Tracking module, so be aware of the different colors for the different modules — orange is for Position Management.
  • What's in your inbox reflects actions that have been sent to you for review and approval. Items in your watch list are those items that you have selected to pay special attention to as they are transitioned from user group or sent to HR.
  • Unlike the current system, where you first pick the action you want to take on a position, in the new system you choose the position you want to take an action on and then choose what action to take.
  • To start a position request, click on the Position Descriptions tab at top and then click on Staff to find a listing of all position descriptions (PD) you have the ability to take action on. Clicking on Staff Position Requests will show you all of your pending and historical requests. Only the current version of each PD is transitioning over to PATH. As new actions occur in PATH, your new PD history will be built over time.
  • If you start an action and it's still in draft form (hasn't been transitioned on to anyone else), you won't find it in your inbox. You can go to the Position Description tab across the top, click on Staff Position Requests, and search for it there.
  • When navigating in an action, clicking on the Save or Next buttons saves your work. Moving through an action via the tabs on the left does not save your work, but you will be prompted to save your work, at which time you can then click on the Save button.

Review Position Description

  • Review Position Description replaces "Certify Position Description" in the current system. This action establishes a record that the employee and supervisor reviewed the position description (PD) and no changes are needed. If changes to the PD are needed, a PD update should be initiated.
  • The supervisor will begin this action and send to the employee. The employee will review the PD and send back to the supervisor to complete the review.
  • In the Action Justification tab, be sure to select the correct action type. This information will appear in the email that is generated to the next approver for review and approval.