Posting a Position

There are four Types of Postings and primary methods of Posting for each Type:

TypePrimary Posting Method
Staff Create from Position Description
Faculty Create from Title
Wage Create from Title
Other* Create from Title

*Other should be used for research postings and courtesy postings (12th Man Foundation)

Posting Tips

  1. Review the Position Description if Posting a Staff Position
    • If updates are needed, submit an update request through the Position Management module.
    • Do not submit a Posting until the update is approved.
    • Any Posting submitted on a position that has a pending Position Management action will be cancelled and must be resubmitted when the action has been approved.
  2. Required Training for Supervisors

    Check to see if the primary supervisor has taken the online Effective Hiring Practices Class. Hiring Supervisors are required to have taken the class within two (2) years of Posting a position. No official assignment is necessary. The class can be found here.

  3. Prepare the Posting
    • An HR Liaison or a Hiring Supervisor can create/submit a Posting.
    • The HR Liaison may be selected from the drop down list and also selected as a second hiring supervisor. Failure to select the HR Liaison as the second supervisor will mean the HR Liaison cannot assist the Hiring Supervisor in changing the status of each applicant.
    • The supervisor information such as the UIN, phone and email must be completed with the primary supervisor information.
    • Don't forget to add any necessary comments to Human Resources in the Comments to HR box. Such comments might explain that the Posting is for a currently filled pin but the current incumbent is leaving on X date.
    • Guest User Access must be selected when creating the Posting. To add Guest Users after a position is at a Posted status, you will need to email them the Username and Password as the system will not be automatically triggered to send an email.
  4. Submit to HR (Recruitment) for Review
    • HR will check to see if the Hiring Supervisor has completed the online Effective Hiring Practices Class.
    • If the class has not been taken in the prescribed time, HR will transition the Posting to the Hiring Supervisor in the Training status. Once the Hiring Supervisor completes the training, they will transition the Posting back to HR as Training Complete.
    • The Posting may be referred to Compensation. It can be sent back to HR or to the Supervisor or cancelled if issues exist which prevent Posting in the submitted state.
    • Once HR has finalized review of the Posting, they will move the status to Posted.
  5. Place Posting on Hold
    • Once the position is Posted, begin review of applicants.
    • All applicants must be listed on your Hiring Matrix or other numerical ranking system.
    • Frequently review the EEO report on the Reports Tab of the Posting to check the demographics of the applicant pool.
    • Before interviewing applicants, you need to place the Posting in the On Hold status.
    • Select the status of On Hold Request (move to On Hold Request) to send a status request to HR. HR will then place the Posting On Hold. Postings must be on the board for five (5) days before they can be placed On Hold.
    • When HR approves the On Hold Request, the Posting will pass back to you as On Hold/Can Add Documentation.

Please see the Hiring Checklist for Documents for further information to complete your hiring process.