Move Workers to Different Supervisor

Move Workers to Different Supervisor

In Workday, there are multiple ways to accomplish this, but the methods will differ depending on the circumstances. If the worker in question is being moved to an existing supervisor, making the move can be accomplished with a single, simple business process called "Move Workers (Supervisory)." If the worker is being moved to a supervisor that does not currently have a supervisory organization, , this will be accomplished via a business process called "Move to New Manager." And if the worker being moved is also a supervisor with his or her own supervisory org, this must be accomplished with the business process "Change Job."

When an active employee will begin supervising others for the first time or a new employee being hired into a newly created position will be a supervisor, a new supervisory organization must be created so the employee can have the manager role assigned to them.

This is a multi-step process in Workday, so please allow sufficient time for the business process to complete. You will be notified when the new supervisory organization is ready. 

Below is a text-only guide to using these business processes at Texas A&M University. For a job aid that includes images, please visit "Workday Help" in your Single Sign On (SSO) menu.


Move Workers (Supervisory)

This business process is to be used when moving a worker to an existing supervisor who already has a supervisory org in Workday.


  • Effective Date - The date on which the move will be effective.
    • NOTE: The effective date of this move will lock further changes from being made to the employee prior to this date. The reason for this is that Workday operates entirely under the routing established by Supervisory Organizations, so once that changes, Workday will not allow any changes that may route to the wrong employees. Please recognize this when selecting the effective date of the move, and be sure no additional changes prior to that date will be necessary.
  • Supervisory Organization - Search for and select the current supervisor.


  • Supervisory Organization - Should be auto-populated with information entered on the Start Screen.
  • Effective Date - Should be auto-populated with information entered on the Start Screen.
  • Proposed Supervisory Organization - If all workers will be moved to the same supervisory organization, this can be searched for and selected here. Otherwise, leave blank.
  • Select All - Checking this box will automatically select all workers in the current supervisory organization.
  • Table Items:
    • Move Worker - Each worker has this checkbox next to them. Please check all workers who will be moved. Checking each box will open up a search box under "Proposed Supervisory Organization."
    • Worker - This is not editable, and should contain all the workers and vacant positions under the current supervisory organization.
    • Proposed Supervisory Organization - If the workers being moved are all being moved to different supervisors, those can be entered individually on each worker. Otherwise, a single proposed supervisor can be selected above for all workers who have been selected.


Continued Routing:

  • Approval step goes to HR Administrator (A&M System Office, to ensure employees are not being accidentally moved between system members using this process)
  • Approval step goes to Payroll Partner

After this, Move Workers (Supervisory) process is complete.



Move to New Manager

This business process is to be used when moving a worker to a new supervisor (a worker who does not currently have a supervisory organization) in Workday.


  • Worker - Select the employee who will be moved.


  • Current Organization - This field is not editable, and will automatically populate with the current supervisory organization.
  • Position - This field is not editable, and will automatically populate with the employee's PIN and position title.
  • When do you want this change to take effect? - Select the effective date of this change.
  • Why are you making this change?
    • Move to Another Manager - Select if moving an employee to a new manager.
    • Promotion - Do not use this selection. If a worker is being moved as the result of a promotion, this should be indicated when processing the promotion in the "Change Job" business process.
  • Who will be the manager after this change? - Select the worker being given supervisory access.


Continued Routing:

  • The "Move Workers (Supervisory) business process will automatically trigger to the HR Contact with this information entered.
  • An action will automatically trigger to the Organization Partner to create a new supervisory organization.

After this, Move to New Manager process is complete.



Change Job

This business process is to be used when the worker being moved is also a supervisor, as this will ensure that both worker and supervisory org are moved to the correct place.

  • Please see the full job aid for Change Job.
  • Process a Change Job on the worker being moved, and for the reason select "Data Change - Location Change."
  • On the question "Who will be the manager after this change?" indicate the supervisor this worker is being moved to. The other fields should automatically populate.
  • When the process asks what you wish to do with the existing headcount, indicate that you will move this headcount to the new manager. This will ensure that the supervisory org moves along with the supervisor.
  • Double check the compensation screen to ensure salary is correct. If there are red X's next to the compensation data, please click the "restore" arrow button and make sure that "Total Base Pay" does not read $0.00.