Job-Related Skill Enhancement Pay

How does it work?
Job-Related Skill Enhancement Pay may be given to staff employees who take the initiative through their own efforts to complete a prescribed course of study that is directly related to the position held. The employee must present evidence of mastery such as a degree, certificate, or license for consideration. The employee must have an overall performance appraisal rating of "meets expectations" or "achieves" or higher and must not be currently subject to formal disciplinary action.
How often can it be given?
Requests may be approved at any time during the fiscal year but should be submitted within three (3) months of the date the certification is completed. Employees must not have received a Job Related Skill Enhancement Pay increase within the past twelve (12) months to be eligible.
Who approves it?
Vice Presidents or their designees are authorized to approve Job-Related Skill Enhancement Pay increases up to 10 percent of the employee's current salary. The effective date will be on or after the beginning of the pay period in which the request receives final written approval from the Vice President or their designee.

For more information, see Standard Administrative Procedure 31.01.01.M5.03: Job-Related Skill Enhancement Pay.