Wellness Premium Incentive



Remember, it can take 6 to 8 weeks from the time you complete BOTH your annual wellness exam AND the health assessments for the claim to process and the incentive to show on your MyEvive account and in Workday. Please check back to review your incentive status on July 31, at the close of Open Enrollment on July 31. Employees should proceed with completing their Open Enrollment in Workday as soon as possible rather than waiting until the incentive is credited. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

For questions about MyEvive, please email memberservices@evivehealth.com or call Evive Member Services at 888.208.9470.



To encourage ongoing health awareness, enrolled A&M Care Health Plan members and their covered spouses are required to receive (1) an annual wellness exam/annual physical and (2) one of the Health Assessments offered by The Texas A&M System health partners (MyEvive or Well onTarget) each benefit plan year to receive the lower wellness premium rate on their health insurance premiums. 

Where to get a FREE Wellness Exam? Details

Highlights of the Wellness Premium Incentive:

  • Have a Wellness Exam and complete the Health Assessment in MyEvive before September 1. The $30 premium differential will become active when the claim is fully processed
  • MyEvive is now accessible through the SSO Menu
  • Applies to employees AND covered spouses enrolled in the A&M Care Plan
  • Retirees and Graduate Student Employees enrolled in the Student Health Plan will automatically receive the lower premium
  • You can verify your completion status for the wellness premium incentive by logging into or registering for your MyEvive account at tamus.myevive.com

Contact MyEvive member services if you believe you have completed the exam incentive, but the information is not reflected in your MyEvive account. (note: remember that it can take 6 to 8 weeks from the time of your wellness exam for the claim to process and the incentive to show on your MyEvive account)

Registering for your MyEvive account


Where to get a FREE Wellness Exam?

  • Your Primary Care Doctor - Inform your doctor’s office staff that this is a wellness exam/annual physical for the A&M Care Health Plan to ensure that your visit is coded correctly for insurance purposes.
    • You should not be charged a copay when you have your physical/wellness exam at a network provider unless the visit is not correctly coded as a physical/wellness exam.  If the office visit for the wellness exam includes services outside or beyond preventive services, a copay may apply AND your visit may not be coded correctly.
  • Brazos Valley Urgent Care - No appointment is needed. Details 
  • CLOSED: On-campus Catapult Health Exams are  at max capacity. Registration is now closed.