Workers' Compensation Forms

Several Workers' Compensation Insurance (WCI) forms may need to be completed during the duration of a WCI claim. Timely submission of these forms is required by law; completed documents must be submitted to Human Resources as soon as possible at the contact information below.

  1. First Report of Injury or Illness

    This First Report must be completed in Origami once that we, as an employer, become aware of any workplace injury. This must be done, regardless of whether or not the injury is considered serious or if the accident occurred within the course and scope of duties.

  2. Witness Statement

    This form should be filled out by a willing witness who personally witnessed a work-related injury. It may be submitted with the first report, if possible, or in a timely manner after the first report has been submitted.

  3. Request for Paid Leave

    This form should be completed by the WCI liaison as soon as the department becomes aware that the employee is losing time due to a work-related injury. Lost time is defined as missing more than one shift of work. The form may be completed by the WCI liaison or designee if the employee is unavailable for a signature, provided the employee is consulted first regarding the choice of leave to use. Instructions for completing the form are available.

  4. Supplemental Form of Injury or Illness

    This form accounts for any period of time lost from work for which the injured worker might be entitled to Workers' Compensation benefits. It also serves as written notice of an employee's time lost from work and return to work after a period of temporary disability or of any change in pay status. Instructions for completing the form are available.

  5. Wage Statement

    This form is required whenever the employing department knows (or should have known) an employee will miss more than seven (7) cumulative days for a work-related injury. Instructions for completing the form are available.

Early Return to Work Program

Please note that departments are obligated to attempt, in good faith, to provide meaningful temporary work to those employees who are required to work under a physician's restrictions or limitations. Please review additional information regarding the University's Early Return to Work Program if your employee has restrictions regarding his or her return-to-work status.


Workers' Compensation Administration Manual