Other Paid Leaves

Eligible employees are entitled to take paid time off for various other activities, such as fighting a fire as a volunteer or donating blood, an organ, or bone marrow. Eligible employees may also take sufficient time off in those instances where they are not able to vote before or after their scheduled work shift. Employees may use these types of paid leaves without using their earned vacation, sick leave, or compensatory time. This section of paid leave is governed by System Regulation 31.03.03: Leave of Absence With Pay and Standard Administrative Procedure 31.03.03.M0.01: Leave of Absence With Pay.

Severe Personal Crisis or Catastrophic Situations

Employees may be allowed up to five (5) working days of leave with pay, with appropriate Vice President approval, for a severe personal crisis or catastrophic situation which requires the employee's immediate attention. Severe personal crises or catastrophic situations are defined as a situational occurrence so severe that delayed attention to the crisis by the employee would reasonably result in emotional trauma, financial hardship, and/or extended grief. Examples of such situations include, but are not limited to, house fires, natural disasters, personal crises which fall within close time proximity, etc. Requests for leave with pay exceeding five days may be submitted for approval to the President.

Leave of Absence for Volunteer Firefighters and Emergency Medical Services Volunteers

Emergency leave may be granted to a state employee who is a volunteer firefighter and is needed to be actively involved in fighting a fire during the employee's regular working hours. Emergency leave may also be granted to an emergency medical services (EMS) volunteer responding to a medical situation during the employee's regular working hours.

General Provisions

  • Paid leave for a voluntary firefighter will apply only in those instances where the employee is needed to be actively involved in fighting a fire during the employee's regular working hours.
  • Verification of the duty should be provided in a written statement from the Fire Chief of the volunteer fire department or the EMS Coordinator of the EMS station responsible for responding to the emergency.
  • Employees who are volunteer firefighters will be granted up to five (5) working days in any one fiscal year to attend training schools conducted by state agencies.

Organ, Bone Marrow, or Blood Donors

An employee will be granted up to five working days in a fiscal year to serve as a bone marrow donor and up to 30 working days in a fiscal year to serve as an organ donor. An employee will be granted sufficient paid time (up to four times per fiscal year) to donate blood.

General Provisions

  • The employee must consult with his or her supervisor before taking time off to donate blood and must provide proof of donation upon return.
  • The donation of plasma does not constitute paid time off for purposes of paid leave for blood donation. Employees who need time off to donate plasma must use their earned vacation time or other appropriate personal leave.

Voting Leave

Employees may be allowed sufficient time off to vote in national, state, and local elections. Employees should notify their supervisor prior to the election day if they do not have sufficient time to vote on their own time. Supervisors may schedule voting leave by allowing the employee to:

  • arrive to work later than normally scheduled in order to allow sufficient time to vote before the workday;
  • leave work early without the expectation to return in order to allow sufficient time to vote; or
  • take a longer lunch than is normally scheduled in order to vote.

Other Notes Regarding Voting Leave

  • Paid voting leave should be used by eligible employees in instances where the employee actually missed work to vote without making up the time. The time off should be reasonable and as agreed to in advance upon consultation with the employee's supervisor.
  • This leave type is not intended to use for early voting. Early voting enables an employee to vote before or after work (including weekends) prior to an election. If an employee has been unable to vote during the early voting period, time off to vote on Election Day will be allowed.

LeaveTraq Users: Voting leave is coded under leave types leave of absence with pay and voting leave.

Court Appointed Special Advocates Leave

Court appointed special advocates (CASA) are volunteers selected by the state's judicial system to, among other duties, provide detailed information a court may need to ensure a child's best interest is served where residency or other matters are concerned. General guidelines of CASA leave are as follows:

  • Employees who are CASA volunteers are eligible for paid leave not to exceed five (5) hours each month to participate in mandatory training or to perform volunteer services for CASA.
  • An employee may be required to provide documentation of his/her CASA volunteer status to his/her supervisor before the leave is approved.

Additional CASA Resources

LeaveTraq Users: CASA leave is coded under leave types and leave of absence with pay and Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA).