Flexible Work Schedules

Departments may authorize flexible work arrangements for employees when such arrangements respond to the needs of employees, increase productivity, and/or enhance the service capabilities of the organization. A flexible work schedule (or flextime) permits an employee to work a predetermined and approved variation of the employee's standard work schedule. All regular employees of Texas A&M University are eligible to apply for flextime.

General Guidelines

  • Flexible work schedules may be implemented, modified, or discontinued at the discretion of the immediate supervisor and consultation with the manager, department head, dean, or director.
  • Employees are expected to complete no less than the required number of hours of work in a work week (e.g. 40 hours for a full-time employee).
  • The minimum timeframe for a flexible schedule is two months.
  • Flexible schedules do not permit employees to work a random schedule to accomplish their required amount of hours worked.
  • Paid and/or unpaid leave must be applied to an employee's timesheet in correlation with the flexible work schedule if the employee misses work while flextime is authorized.

Exempt (Monthly) Employees

Exempt employees must follow the general guidelines regarding a flex schedule as listed above; however, monthly employees may maintain an 80-hour schedule over two consecutive work weeks as approved by their supervisor. Notable information regarding the 80-hour schedule:

  • The minimum timeframe for a flexible 80-hour schedule is two months.
  • A flexible schedule does not limit the hours that an exempt employee must work to complete job requirements.

Approval Forms

Flexible work arrangements must be approved in writing. Employees should use the forms below to apply for a flex schedule: