University Closure Due to Inclement Weather or Other Emergencies

The Assistant Vice President of Safety and Security may officially close the University in the event the Brazos Valley and surrounding areas are adversely affected by severe weather conditions or other emergencies. Employees should contact their respective work areas and/or tune in to local television and radio broadcasts to be advised if inclement weather or other circumstances have warranted the closing of the University.

University Closure Updates

In the event that Texas A&M University is closed due to inclement weather or other emergencies, watch for updates on the Campus Emergency site, alerts from Code Maroon, or on the Texas A&M homepage. You may also want to review the Campus Safety and Emergency Procedures.

Essential Personnel

Some employees, because of the nature of their work, will be required to work while the University is closed. In general, an "essential" employee during an emergency closing is defined as an employee whose job duties affect the security, safety, or physical operation of the University (including providing services to students). Department heads are familiar with the commitments and requirements of their areas of responsibility within the University and are uniquely positioned to make the decision as to who needs to work as an essential employee during a closure. Employees should speak to their respective supervisors to determine whether or not they will be required to work while the University is closed.

Work Performed During an Emergency Closing

Hourly Employees

Non-exempt (hourly) employees who are required to work while the University is closed will receive compensatory time off or overtime pay in accordance with System Regulation 31.01.09: Overtime. Supervisors may use their discretion in revising schedules for those employees who must work while the University is closed.

Monthly Employees

Exempt (monthly) employees who are required to work while the University is closed will not receive compensatory time off for the time worked. However, supervisors may adjust an exempt employee's weekly schedule if the employee has already fulfilled the 40-hour work week requirement. Supervisors may also reward exempt employees for exceptional performance during a University closing with paid administrative leave as allowed by Standard Administrative Procedure 31.01.01.M5.01: Administrative Leave with Pay.

Leave Provisions During a University Closure

  • Emergency leave with pay will be granted to eligible employees who do not work their assigned shifts when the University is closed due to inclement weather or other emergencies.
  • An employee who is scheduled to be away from work on approved leave during the University closure will not have his/her leave changed to emergency leave; essentially, the employee was not required to report to work and therefore was not impacted by the adverse weather conditions.

LeaveTraq Administrators and Department Liaisons

Appropriate emergency leave for non-exempt employees will need to be recorded by employees or administrators in LeaveTraq. The original authorizing message regarding a University closing is sufficient to document emergency for exempt employees; however, departments may choose to require monthly employees or administrators to record exempt emergency leave in LeaveTraq.

LeaveTraq entries due to inclement weather and unsafe travel conditions should be made under Leave of Absence With Pay and designated as Unsafe Working or Travel Conditions.

Employees Delayed or Unable to Report Back to Work After University Is Opened

An employee who is delayed or is not able to return to work when the University reopens due to impassable roads or other conditions should discuss the situation with his/her supervisor, as the circumstances may warrant additional emergency leave that may be approved by a respective Vice President.

Approval Process

Employees who are unable to return to work after the University is re-opened may request emergency leave with pay for unsafe work or travel conditions through their supervisor if they are unable to return to work when the University is no longer officially closed. Supervisors should forward such requests through the appropriate chain of authority to their respective Vice President. Department heads may request emergency leave on behalf of an affected employee.