Are You Ready for a Wellness Challenge?

HealthTrails is a wellness challenge program that works with Well onTarget. It draws on the excitement of seeing and learning about new places and people by tracing famous trails around the world.

Fun features include:

  • Vivid descriptions and images of attractions, geography and local icons to make the trails come alive
  • Friendly team competition to engage and inspire
  • Tracking device and app integration to make logging steps easy (when participants sync a supported device with a computer or an app with a phone, it automatically loads to personal online account)
  • Informative, motivating daily emails
  • Fun Trail Mates option for encouragement and social support
  • Easy-to-make healthy recipes to fuel success
  • Daily Tip Test to measure their understanding
  • Top Internet resources on a variety of health areas

Access Well onTarget on the TAMUS Evive Benefits Portal, then click on the Health Assessment link.