Health Assessment

Your health matters. Take the Health Assessment on the BlueCross BlueShield website to address health risks before they become issues and earn a $50 deductible credit. Members of the A&M Care Plan age 18 or older qualify. You can take the assessment each fiscal year.

Answer simple questions and in just 10 minutes you’ll receive a clear, concise, personalized approach to a healthier you. You can even take the assessment multiple times throughout the year to update your answers, add information and and see your progress.

Instructions for completing the Health Assessment 
  1. Go to
  2. Log in to account or create/register new account.
  3. Click on Health Assessment from the Quick Links box located on right side of the screen.
    1. A user agreement acknowledgement will appear if first time accessing.
    2. You may be prompted to review contact information.
  4. A big box will appear with a link to Take Your Health Assessment.
  5. Follow instructions and answer questions accordingly.