Annual Benefit Enrollment (Open Enrollment)

Annual Enrollment Follow-Up: Review Your Coverage

With the start of the new benefit plan year, you are now able to see your FY18 benefit selections under the Current Benefits section in HRConnect or from within iBenefits. It is critical to review your current coverage to ensure your desired benefit selections are reflected for FY18 benefit coverage.


Review your benefit record by following the below steps:

  1. Log into Single Sign-On (SSO) at
  2. Choose iBenefits from the SSO Menu
  3. Click on View Your Current Benefits option. Your current enrollment selections including the wellness exam completion status for A&M Care members will be displayed. (New Employees with a future effective date for benefits will not see their selections under My Current Benefits until coverage becomes active).
  4. Click on My Dependents to review benefit coverage for dependents including the tobacco user status for each enrolled dependent. (Dependents requiring dependent verification that were not verified during annual enrollment have not been enrolled in benefits.)

Contact HR Benefit Services immediately at 979.862.1718 or if you see a discrepancy between your intended benefits and the current coverage displayed in iBenefits. 


A&M Care Plan participants (active employees and their enrolled spouses) who do not have a Wellness Exam completion recorded will see an additional $30 monthly premium beginning with the September insurance premium deductions. You can check your completion status (and the status of your enrolled spouse) online through iBenefits by viewing the information listed with your Medical coverage. Visit our Wellness Exam Incentive Program webpage for more information and please remember the incentive program is on-going.


Insurance ID cards are traditionally mailed to only new enrollees of the dental, vision and/or health plans.  However, because of the reduction of copay on the A&M Care Health Plan ($20/$30), BlueCross BlueShield has mailed new ID cards to all active members of the A&M Care Plan (not the 65+ plan). Additional or replacement cards may be requested at any time by contacting the insurance carrier directly. ID cards are sent in the name of the primary policy holder only. Dependent coverage will be verified at time of service when the provider’s office contacts the insurance carrier to verify insurance eligibility. 


Bi-weekly paid employees - Payroll deductions at the new FY18 rates will occur on September 15 and 29 with ½ premium deducted on each paycheck (no deductions will be included on the September 8 paycheck unless an outstanding balance from FY17 exists).
Monthly paid employees - Payroll deductions at the new FY18 rates will occur on October 2 along with any outstanding balance from FY17. The paycheck received on September 1 included premiums for August at the FY17 rates.


Insurance deductibles and maximum out of pocket limitations reset each benefit plan year; therefore, remember you will have to satisfy a new deductible before plan benefits will pay for services subject to deductibles. The maximum out of pocket calculation will reset to zero and expenses incurred starting September 1 will begin to be applied to the maximum out of pocket limitation for FY18.

Reminder: Members of the A&M Care Plan age 18 or older can qualify for a $50 deductible credit by completing the Health Assessment.


The federally required Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) documents for the health plans for FY18 are available on the System Benefits Administration website.


Flexible spending accounts must be renewed each benefit plan year. Visit the  Flexible Spending Account webpage for plan specific information. A listing of eligible and ineligible expenses is located on the PayFlex website.  As a reminder, employees with a balance of funds from their FY17 flexible spending account have until November 15, 2017 to incur eligible expenses and must file those claims by December 31.  Newly elected funds for FY18 are available for expenses incurred on or after September 1, 2017. 


Annually employees are encouraged to review their beneficiary designations for their Life insurance plan and accidental death and dismemberment insurance plan and make any appropriate updates.  When reviewing your beneficiaries, please ensure the correct contact information is listed for each beneficiary paying special attention to confirm the correct address and phone number is listed.