HR Communication

The Division of Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness (HROE) strives to communicate timely information to Texas A&M University employees regarding human resources policy changes, benefit updates, new procedures, or other items that impact employment. We use the following means to reach out to job applicants, employees, retirees, and departments.

Texas A&M University HROE Communications

  • Website and Online Systems
    • HR Website dedicated to all HR services and resources
    • Jobs @ Texas A&M at provides current job listings for Texas A&M University
    • General Forms and Documents including brochures, flyers and postcards
  • Email Newsletters
  • Social Media
    • Facebook – HR specific with news and updates
    • Twitter – specifically for our WELLNESS WORKS! program
    • YouTube – HR specific
    • Flickr – HR specific
  • General Emails
    • Campus Distribution A Memos sent about specific important HR topics; employee must subscribe to receive these email memos
    • Direct email communications are sent about specific important HR topics to employees throughout the year; employees cannot unsubscribe from these emails
  • Direct mail to home and campus mail

Employees are asked to stay informed; HR Liaisons, supervisors and others in authority are particularly charged to ensure their employees are aware of policy changes and other university information pertinent to their employment.

If you have questions about our communication methods, please contact us at or (979) 845-6287.  We appreciate your feedback. We’re here for you!


A&M System Benefits Communications

The Texas A&M University System Benefits Administration office also provides benefit information to A&M System employees and retirees and negotiates contracts with carriers for insurance and retirement benefits.  The A&M System is one of the largest systems of higher education in the nation, with a statewide network of 11 universities, 7 state agencies, 2 service units and a health science center. The A&M System Benefits Administration communication includes the following.