Workday & Managers

Employees, The Texas A&M University System is replacing various legacy mainframe payroll and human resource systems with one unified system called Workday.






Workday will change the way employees manage benefits, pay and personal information. All employees receiving pay and/or benefits for The Texas A&M University System will begin using Workday in December 2017. Say hello to Workday; a new generation of cloud-based technology that simplifies the way faculty, staff, student workers and retirees access and navigate through their personal data and information.



Who is considered a Manager in Workday?
Anyone who has employees, including Graduate Assistants, reporting to them will have the Workday security role entitled “Manager”. The security role is not related to your specific title.
Managers have the decision making authority, accountability and responsibility for staffing and employment events for workers within their supervisory organization. Managers can see information about employees who report to them, and are involved in many HR and payroll processes their employees need like hiring, time, time off and performance reviews.
What can a Manager view and do in the system?
Workday’s Manager Self-Service provides supervisors with the necessary and relevant job, position and compensation information about their team. This includes access to numerous built-in reports with information about your team to support all HR-related analytics and decisions. Manager Self-Service tasks are accessible through Workday’s “My Team” landing page.
In Workday, a manager can SEE:  position title, business title, job details, hire dates, worker history, manager history, salary, allowances, pay change history, education, licenses, certifications, time off balance, time off requests and MORE!
A Workday manager can DO the following:  create position, hire, change job, propose employee merit award, request one-time payment, start performance review, request time off and request leave of absence, termination, freeze/unfreeze job requisition, screen job candidates and MORE!d
Training for the Manager
Training for the Manager role is slated for September 18 – November 17; the following eLearning courses will be available to individuals in the Manager security role:
  • TAMUS Workday Core Concepts
  • Navigating Workday
  • Workday Core HCM Concepts for Managers
  • Merit and Performance Processes
  • Managing Your Inbox
  • Recruiting
  • Staffing and Separation
  • Time Off and Leave / Time Tracking
  • Performance Management

 Managers will have access to Video Help and Job Aids in October covering the following topics:

  • Hiring – screen candidates, manage interviews, convert a Contingent Worker to Employee
  • Delegation – manage a delegation, delegate to someone such as an assistant
  • Time – enter time for an employee, approve a time off request, assign a work schedule
  • My Workday – customize the home landing page
  • Navigation – manager worklets and viewing reports, view and navigate my team worklet, where to find and general navigation of a business process

 In addition, the Professional Development Department offers several leadership/management/supervisory courses such as:

  • Coaching for Peak Performance
  • Effective Delegation
  • Keys to Establishing Your Supervisory Skills
  • PATHways to Success: Supervisory Best Practices for Managing Employee Performance
  • HR Policies and Procedures for Supervisors certificate program
  • Supervisory Essentials certificate program
System Policy and Regulations
Supervisors/Managers are encouraged to review System Policy and Regulations related to Compensation and Benefits, Employee Relations, and Employment, Standards of Conduct at The Texas A&M University System Policy and Regulations and Human Resources information specific to Texas A&M at Texas A&M University Rules and Standard Administrative Procedures (SAPs).

If you have questions about Workday please contact:

Workday Change Champion
Brandy Kosh | | 979.845.1691

Workday Project Coordinators
Laura Dohnalik (staff) | | 979.862.3854
Barbara Bayer (faculty) | | 979.862.1146