Workday & HR Liaisons

HR Liaisons, The Texas A&M University System is replacing various legacy mainframe payroll and human resource systems with one unified system called Workday.






On December 17, 2017, The A&M System will benefit from Workday’s intuitive, web-based applications with self-service and mobile capabilities. Workday is designed to work the way we work today and will help create a more nimble, process and data driven organization.

HR Liaisons are encouraged to stay up-to-date with the progress of the transition to Workday. Please continue to read the weekly HR Liaison Network News and visit often. In addition, please continue to monitor Single Sign-On reports and processes.

News & Updates:


  • Employee / Manager Assignments in Single Sign-On (SSO)

Review the “Employee’s Managers List” report in SSO for each department you are assigned HR Liaison roles.

To review the report from the SSO Menu, select:

  • Dept Admin tab
  • Reports tab
  • Employee’s Managers List from the drop-down menu
  • Then the following options
    • Employee Workstation = M - TAMU
    • Employee Adloc = Your Department(s)
    • Manager Structure = All Structures
    • Employee Manager = Without Manager
    • Employee PIN = All PINs
  • View Report

If an employee does not have a manager assigned, please update the record accordingly. Instructions on how to add managers.

  • Employee HRConnect Records

It is extremely important that we have complete information on all employees and retirees. High level items include:

  • Employees without a manager
  • Employees missing home address
  • Employees with invalid address (needs to contain a city, state/province/country/etc., and zip)
  • No email address or phone number

If you are an HR Liaison with the HRConnect Dept Admin role, please review these records for all employees – new, current, transitioning, and outgoing – and work with the employee to update as necessary.  Information regarding the HRConnect Dept Admin role.