Hiring Freeze Information

On January 31, 2017, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced a hiring freeze through August 31, 2017, for positions funded by state appropriations. Institutions of higher education were included in the hiring freeze directive.

Exempted from the freeze are positions not funded through appropriated funds and positions that have a direct impact on public safety. In addition, the Governor’s office has approved the continued hiring of state work study student workers.

The Division of Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness has been operating within these guidelines.  Positions that are funded by accounts starting with 1XXXXX or 29XXXX, other than public safety positions, are subject to the freeze.   We are proceeding with opening vacancy postings and issuing hiring certificates for staff positions with other funding accounts and staff positions with a direct impact on public safety. 

Departments may proceed with posting and filling vacant positions that are:

  1. Not subject to the freeze,
  2. Scheduled to begin September 1, 2017,
  3. Identified through executive leadership as critical positions and approved with alternate funding sources through August 31,2017, or
  4. Identified as critical hires and exempted from the freeze by the Governor’s office.  

If you have any questions regarding staff recruitment and hiring during the hiring freeze, please contact the Recruitment and Workforce Planning office in the Division of Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness,Recruitment and Workforce Planning at or 979-845-5154.