Hiring Freeze

(Sept. 25, 2014) Status of Non-Faculty Hiring Freeze

Dr. Hussey, Interim President, announced September 24, 2014 his approval of recommendations from the university’s Leadership Steering Committee (LSC) in response to the Comprehensive Administrative Review by PricewaterhouseCoopers.  The previously implemented hiring freeze is discontinued and is replaced by a modified process of requiring justification and approval for all non-faculty positions that are neither paid from restricted funds nor budgeted in academic departments.  Additionally, Dr. Hussey has delegated to the below-listed individuals the responsibility of approving all positions within their units that were formerly subject to the hiring freeze.

Delegated authority:

  • Dr. Karan Watson, Provost & Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Brett Giroir, Executive Vice President & CEO
  • Dr. Jerry Strawser, Vice President for Finance and Administration & Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Tom Reber, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Dr. Larry Boleman, Associate Vice Chancellor and Special Assistant to the President     

The modified approval process to post or fill vacancies, with a new form and guidelines, are under development and will be posted on HR’s website once approved by the LSC. In the meantime, the Exception Request Form may continue to be used and routed through appropriate delegated offices. Human Resources will communicate new information as it becomes available.


Designation of Academic or Non-academic departments for hiring freeze purposes:


(June 16, 2014) Update

The Hiring Freeze Exception Request form, FAQs and other resources related to the Hiring Freeze announced May 9, 2014 have been updated.  The hiring freeze impacts budgeted staff positions except positions: (1) ADLOC'd to academic departments; (2) paid from restricted grant funds (Accounts 4XXXXX); or, (3) filled with an offer of employment prior to the effective date.

During the hiring freeze, vacant budgeted staff positions may be approved to post and fill by submitting the Hiring Freeze Exception form. Please read the Hiring Freeze Guidelines for full details.

To assist with the review process for exception requests, university executive leadership is requesting that an organizational chart, with the position highlighted, be included with the request form, along with justification related to the position's supervisory role. These changes were made in section II of the revised request form revised 6/16/2014.

(May 12, 2014) Update

On May 9, Dr. Mark A. Hussey, Interim President, announced an institution-wide hiring freeze for Texas A&M University, impacting vacant, non-faculty administrative staff positions. Human Resources is participating in meetings with other university leadership to gather more information about which positions are subject to the freeze and a process for exceptions. In the meantime, the PATH online applicant tracking system remains available to departments. Human