Business Career Ladder

NOTE: The titles, title codes, and salary data listed below are included as part of the System-Wide Pay Plan and will be effective December 1, 2016.

This career ladder may be used in all departments. Please consult with the Classification and Compensation Office at (979) 845-4170 for questions about this career ladder.

Pay Grade Table

Title CodeTitlePay GradeFLSA
8784 Business Administrator III 13 Exempt
8783 Business Administrator II 12 Exempt
9366 Business Administrator I 11 Exempt
8787 Business Coordinator III 10 Exempt
8786 Business Coordinator II 9 Exempt
1421 Business Coordinator I 8 Exempt
1420 Business Associate III 7 Non-Exempt
1419 Business Associate II 6 Non-Exempt
1418 Business Associate I 5 Non-Exempt
1417 Business Assistant II 4 Non-Exempt
1416 Business Assistant I 3 Non-Exempt

System-wide Pay Plan Implemented

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