Admissions Career Ladders

NOTE: The titles, title codes, and salary data listed below are included as part of the System-Wide Pay Plan and will be effective December 1, 2016.

These career ladders are only used in the Office of Admissions. Please consult with the Classification and Compensation Office at (979) 845-4170 for questions about this career ladder.

Pay Grade Table

Title CodeTitlePay GradeFLSA
8964 Admissions Counselor III 9 Exempt
8963 Admissions Counselor II 8 Exempt
8962 Admissions Counselor I 7 Non-Exempt
Title CodeTitlePay GradeFLSA
9321 Senior Regional Advisor 11 Exempt
9305 Regional Advisor II 9 Exempt
5460 Regional Advisor I 8 Non-Exempt

System-wide Pay Plan Implemented

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