Classification & Compensation

Classification and Compensation provides administration of non-faculty staff titles and corresponding pay rates, and serves as the point of contact for departments regarding these matters. Services provided to our customers include the following:

  • Analysis and review of all Job Changes, including new positions, reclassifications, promotions and transfers, position description updates, and dual employment for approval. Consult on developing job descriptions and assigning appropriate titles.
  • Analysis and review of all Compensation Changes. Establishes compensation levels for positions on the basis of responsibilities and duties performed. Administer pay equitably and consistently while maintaining compliance with university rules and government regulations. Advise on flexible and non-monetary compensation options.
  • Policy interpretation and consultative services regarding Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) matters such as working time and overtime exemption issues.
  • Providing Resources for University supervisors and managers to facilitate classification and compensation processes.
  • Assist with the administration of the System-Wide Pay Plan by analyzing and reviewing titles, salary rates, and FLSA exemption status.

Classification and Compensation offers workshops to hiring managers and HR Liaisons through Employee & Organizational Development. Workshop topics include:

System-wide Pay Plan Implemented

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