Classification & Compensation

Classification and Compensation provides administration of non-faculty staff titles and corresponding pay rates, and serves as the point of contact for departments regarding these matters. Services provided to our customers include the following:

  • Administration of the classified personnel pay plan, non-classified, and career ladders positions for non-faculty staff by analyzing and reviewing titles, salary rates, and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) exemption status.
  • New position, reclassifications, position description updates, and other salary changes reviews and approvals.
  • Performing market salary research and salary surveys.
  • Policy interpretation and consultative services regarding compensation matters such as working time and overtime exemption issues.
  • Online position description services administration through the PATH (Portal Access for Total HR) System.
  • Providing compensation resources for University supervisors and managers to facilitate classification and compensation processes.
  • Delivering compensation-related workshops to hiring managers and HR liaisons, offered through Employee & Organizational Development. Workshop topics include Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Timekeeping and Position Descriptions and Hiring Procedures.

System-wide Pay Plan Implemented

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