Customer Service Principles

The Division of Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness  is committed to service excellence and we expect our staff to provide excellent customer service at every point of contact. The following principles are a guide to how employees in Human Resources will treat both internal and external customers. Incorporating them into the Human Resources operations through day-to-day interactions is another step toward achieving Service Excellence.

You ARE Human Resources

  • Treat every customer with dignity and respect
  • Project a professional image and positive attitude
  • Strive to make each customer contact positive
  • Know your job and your role within the organization
  • Have knowledge of our programs and services

Be Reliable

  • Honor your commitments
  • Provide what was promised, on time
  • Consistently provide high quality performance

Be Responsive

  • Strive to exceed your customers' expectations
  • Promptly and courteously help your customers
  • Follow up to ensure the customer has received a resolution

Be Accountable

  • Accept personal responsibility for your customer
  • Focus on resolving problems
  • Never make excuses or blame others for a problem
  • Acknowledge if you don't know an answer

Communicate with Your Customers

  • Listen to your customer and be sincere
  • Ask questions and encourage feedback
  • Offer options for solving problems
  • Regularly communicate project status or changes to customers

Anticipate Your Customers' Needs

  • Think Ahead
  • Go above and beyond, go the extra mile

Protect Personal and Private Information

If you have questions or comments about what we do or how we might do it better, please contact us.